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A new promo was released for Meagan Good and Devon Franklin‘s SuperSoul Sunday interview with Oprah.

“The choices you make in love can really alter the course of your entire life,” Meagan Good says during the promo.

Check it out below, and be sure to tune into the OWN network to catch the Franklins’ interview on Sunday (August 28).



On Friday (August 19), Meagan Good and husband Devon Franklin sat down for an interview with Christine Devine on Fox News 11.
The cute couple talked about “The Wait” and the Leimert Park Book Fair that they’re going to speak at today.




Meagan Good and her friend Tamara Bass are making an indie film called “If Not Now, When?” and they need your help to fund the project!

Here is the film’s synopsis: “If Not Now, When?” introduces us to Suzanne (Meagan Good), Patrice (Tamara Bass), Tyra (TBA) and Deidre (TBA), who have been friends since meeting at 14. Over the course of their lives, fights, disagreements and love have caused friction and distance to manifest between some of them, particularly Suzanne and Patrice, who haven’t spoken in almost 15 years. When Tyra, who is mother to 14 year old JILLIAN (TBA), suffers a crisis, all four women are drawn back together to make it through, and soon discover that they also need each other, and that sisterhood, to make it through what is currently happening in their individual lives.

Head on over to Indiegogo to support this brand new project and spread the world!




Last Friday (April 22), Meagan Good took to her Instagram to share her sadness about the sudden passing of singer Prince.

Pezzy .. Lol I know you didn't really like that name.. but you let me call you it anyway. We were friends for a while before I had the courage to tell you how HUGE of a fan I was of yours.. Lol smh, You had the nerve to be shocked.. Your humility was astonishing ..your jokes were silly.. genuinely, like a child's.. your spirit was captivating .. I can't really put into words your confidence, your awareness of self.. it was a inspiration to me ..and your love for God – so deep and beyond anything that anyone who didn't know you could know.. I'll never forget the first time we met lol, I was totally caught off guard and played it so cool.. but when I got back to my car, I called my Mother!!! I was screaming so loud with excitement, that she couldn't even make out what I was saying.. Through my tears I say: Thank you .. Thank you for the memories of crazy randomness .. Thank you for always being the one that wanted to make sure that everyone was happy and smiling.. More importantly, thank you for the lessons you shared with me.. and thank you for the love my friend.. I know that you know that you are loved sooo much by so many.. but I also pray you know how much you were valued too. It gives me some peace to know – you were one that left nothing on the table 🙏🏾 Rest in peace and in paradise.. Love you always P.

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 The 700 Club shared a cute video of Meagan Good and Devon Franklin on YouTube.
The couple tell how waiting to have sex until marriage deepened their relationship and created more discipline in other areas of their life.

 Last Sunday (April 17), actor Wesley Jonathan  and her girlfriend got married! Meagan Good and her hubby Devon Franklin were among the guests.

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On Saturday (April 16), Meagan Good posed for a photo with a fan at Manhattan Beach Pier.
Her husband, Devon Franklin, was there as well.

On April 1st, Meagan Good and Devon Franklin joined the 2016 Missions and Marketplace conference, in Chicago. You can now order your copy of the event on CD, DVD, MP3 or MP4.

I’ve filled the gallery with HQ and MQ stills of Meagan Good from the fifth season of “Californication“.

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Last Friday, actress Meagan Good pays visit to Sierra Vista Jr High School in Canyon Country.
She took time out of her schedule to speak with students and posed for a few pictures.

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