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Today’s Black Woman Style Report – #05


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Issue: April/May 2012
Pages: 5
Editorial: 4
Country: United States
Language: English
Other Languages: n/a
Title: The ultimate glamour girl

Studio Session

Date: –
Photographer: Christopher Voelker
Stylist: Mike Sam
Hair Stylist: Tonia Bell
Makeup Artist: Eva Warner

It certainly pays to be an innovative woman in Hollywood! In a place where quality roles for Black women are often few and far between, Meagan Good is a woman on a quest to create her own opportunities in Tinsel Town. Ever since her flawless performance in Eve’s Bayou, we’ve watched her blossom into a sensational actress, but Meagan’s gifts certainly don’t end there. With a goal set on releasing one independent film a year, this Think Like a Man and Californication star makes her debut as a firt time producer with the indie film, Video Girl, now showing on the BET network. “I hope the film stays in rotation because I really want young girls to see it and get the truth behind closed doors,” Meagan tells TBW. During our interview with Meagan, we discuss her life and career in depth and take a look at this ultimated glamour girl’s style and beauty profile! » Read full interview

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Studio Session



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