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Welcome to , your oldest and most complete online fansite dedicated to Meagan Good-Franklin since 2018. You may know Meagan from her roles in Cousin Skeeter, Think like a Man, Minority Report, Deception, Californication, and for her book The Wait, written with her husband Devon Franklin in 2016.

Meagan Good on TV: Feb. 4-10

Meagan Good on TV: Feb. 4-10

This Week: Meagan Good is beautifull in “You Got Served” (2004) and slides back to the 70s in “Roll Bounce” (2005). Looking for a black romantic comedy ? You’ll be spoilt for choice: “Jumping The Broom” (2011) or “Think Like a Man” (2012).

TV GUIDE (Eastern)

Feb. 5 – 8:40AM You Got Served” (HBO)
Feb. 6 – 1:43PM “Roll Bounce” (HBO)
Feb. 9 – 4:35PM “Think Like a Man (BET)
Feb. 9 – 11:00PM “Jumping The Broom” (VH1)
Feb. 10 – 2:27PM “Think Like a Man (BET)
Feb. 10 – 4:20PM “Jumping The Broom” (VH1)

Mark your calendar !

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