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Meagan Good stuns on the cover of Composure



Meagan Good takes the cover of Composure Magazine‘s latest issue!

The 37-year-old actress opened up about “Monster Hunter“, “The Intruder“, her upcoming projects, fashion, and more…

Check it out:

On her character inMonster Hunter“:  “My character’s name is Dash. I instantly fell in love with this role because she’s a young sergeant, enlisted in the army out of high school, a master mechanic and badass driver – selected to join a team of Special Operates.”

On her new projects: “I do have a secret project that I’m not allowed to speak about yet, but by mid-April, you’ll know! I also co-directed my first film “If Not Now, When?” It’s about sisterhood and the things we uniquely face daily in our lives as women. It’s a really beautiful, complex story about four best friends that explore everything from love, marriage, addiction, having a child at a young age, not being able to have children, career, divorce, dreams and so much more.”

– On whether she prefers acting or directing: “I think acting will always be first love. In a way, it’s all I’ve ever known. However, I adore directing. I would say something else, but I feel like I’d be cheating on my first love if you know what I mean.”

– On her current top two wardrobe must-haves: “The first is my Louis Vuitton army boots. I actually re-designed them and took off the heel and had it changed to a different size, height, and width. Then I cut them down to make them ankle boots. My Yves Saint Laurent leather jacket is a never fail too.”

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