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The Good sisters explore partnerships, prosperity and philanthropy

Adventurous, unconventional women who are unafraid to cross boundaries and risk it all. This describes the Good sisters who are unapologetically confident in who they are and what they stand for.

In an exclusive interview with MADE Magazine, Meagan and LaMyia Good share how they fight for the greater good of themselves and others through entrepreneurship, philanthropy and entertainment.


Thank you for coming to interview with MADE Magazine. We definitely appreciate you guys !
Meagan: Thank you for having us !

You recently rolled out a clothing line called “Defend Good Girl”. And so, tell us why you chose flannel wear and what it symbolizes for you all ?
Meagan: We chose flannel because  [you know] growing up we wore flannels all the time. Especially [I mean] just as young women, it just has been a piece of a majority of our outfits because it gives off the sense of like you’re not trying too hard. You just have a little bit of an effortless flare, but it’s comfortable, it’s simple and we just love flannels. We noticed that a lot of the younger kids were bringing it back and starting to wear it as well. So we were like, “Listen, why don’t we do something that’s a classing piece that we already love and they love”. So yeah, we were like “Let’s do a flannel… let’s do a flannel where it can be a dress as well”. So you can were it so many ways.

So what is the definition of a good girl to you and why do you want to defend her ?
LaMyia: Well, to us we’ve dealt with a lot of adversity just like a lot of young women have. I think a lot of times young women get confused with thinking that what may have happened to them or what they have done in their live – whatever scars, damages they may carry, whatever burdens they may carry – that it defines them. And so, it was important for us to really represent that the things that you have been through the test that you’ve been through should be your testimony. And when it defines you, it can be in a positive way. And really to unapologetically be themselves, be authentic and have ownership. Don’t live in fear and don’t be in a box.
Meagan: And I think too being the girls who take ownership over themselves, respect themselves and self-worth for some reason is not a very popular thing. A lot of women nowadays are feeling like they have to show themselves a certain way or they have to do thing that may be exploitive. To each its own, no judgement, but I think a lot of younger girls are following in those steps where they think that they don’t have any value unless they look like “this”, or unless they’re doing “this, or unless they’ve slept with “that” person, or unless they compete with “this” person, or unless they have these things, or whatever it is. And so, we feel like being a “good girl” instead of a “Bad B” is something that is not common. We want to encourage women who take pride in being something different, not following the status quo. Doind your own thing, blazing your own path. And knowing that it’s fly to be good, it’s fly to be yourself, it’s fly to demand respect, it’s fly to know that you can conquer the world. I think that kind of girl needs to be defended because, you know, I think a lot of people are afraid to be that person because they’re going to perceived maybe corny or not cool. But dude, you don’t get it. That is the coolest thing you can do.

You fit your non-profit to match the empowerment of your fashion line. How have you designed that company to impact the world ?
LaMyia: Originally, Meagan and I have always really had a passion for young women. It seems like whatever young women we’re aroung – even women that we didn’t even know like that – would instantly be drawn to us. They would always share things with us, they were always compelled to really interact with us on a real level. And so, for us, we felt that God put this on our heart and we needed to share the things and experiences that we’ve been though and really help bring other young women up. Give them the opportunity to be in like-minded groups, really express themselved and find solutions in wways to move forward. Give them resources. Initially it’s like, we got out of school, we’ve always been into acting, and we’ve always known the direction that we wanted to go into. But we know a lot of women who don’t know how to get started because they don’t have the resources or they don’t know where to turn. And so for us, we want to be a resource center for these young women and give them the opportunity to reach out and be connected where they might not otherwise have those opportunities.
Meagan: As well as a resource of support and mentors, people to just really love on them that are really about sisterhood and about making sure that the young girl behind me, behing her, has an opportunity to pursue the things that they want in life. That’s the goal [you know], that’s the movement.

It sounds like something gave you all strong motivation to be well rounded. What instilled that confidence in you to feel like “I can be sexy but I can still have good values at the same time” ?
LaMyia & Meagan: Mom.
LaMyia: Starting with our mother. We had a single mother. In our household, she was married and we didn’t hear a lot arguing, a lot of fighting or things like that. We always saw a confident woman that had a job, she came home, she cooked for us, she took care of us, she took care of her husband. She’s always just given us a real picture of what a real woman looks like. She’s always carried herself in that way.
Meagan: It really does go back to our mom. I think she instilled a lot of confidence in us and let us know that we were capable of anything. Always held us accountable. We always had real conversations with her growing up. She never really shied away from anything. And I think as a result, I believe, made us both really well rounded and kinf of to a point where we were over confident. We were like, “There is no plan-b. This is what’s going on, this is what we’re going to do”.
Lamyia: And I believe that our relationship as well definitely cultivated that confidence because we’ve had a chance to really encourage each other and really honor and respect each other through our relationship. When we view other women, it’s not competition. It’s all about how can I uplift this sister; how can I either be a part of what got going on or bring into what we have going ons. I feel like sisterhood and the relationship that we’ve grown really cultivated that confidence in us in a major way. Because it’s not about competition, it’s about how can we be better. What things in you that I might be able to relate to and make me better or vice versa.
Meagan: Having that person in your life that you coulb be like, “Uh, that guy doesn’t like me” and she’s like “Well, that’s his loss.” And someone that you actually believe what they’re saying, because you’re know that they’re saying it from a real place and they can’t lie to you because you know that they are lying and they don’t want to, you know? So having that constant support system growing up I do believe is a huge part of both of our personalities now. We have each other’s back. We’ll do anything for each other. Nothing and no one can come between us and that’s just what it is.

From a woman’s perspective, what advice can you give for a life-balance perspective ?
Meagan: Purpose first.
LaMyia: Family first.
Meagan: I would say you have to have that balance. I feel like when we look at our careers, we don’t look at it as just “career”s for fun or for enjoyment, although we do still have fun and enjoy it. But they also come with a lot of things that happen behind the scenes that people don’t see. If you look at whatever you’re pursuing in life, it has to be part of your purpose. It has to be part of who were called to be and who you were created to be. So I think that’s the number one thing. And also, family is a number one thing because when all of this other stuff isn’t here, and it’s up and down, you gotta remember what you’re doing it for and who you’re sharing it with.
Lamyia: Having that foundation I think – for me especially – keeping family first is the top priority, and it kind of just levels out everything else. Everything else just falls behind that and I know that’s the same way for Meagan. It’s keeping that priority, deciding what that priority is, taking a look at our life and where you’re at. It’s really prioritizins. Taking a look: “Where in my life am I now and what is it that I want?” And when you have that, you stay focused on that goal and obviously as you evolve and change, you can reassess and reevaluate that.
Meagan: Don’t rush to have both. Let it happen at its own time. When you rush you make compromising decisions that can really be a part of the outcome of how your entire life goes. So definitely let things come as they may, stay consistent and stay focused. Stay believing and purposeful and let God do what God does. Also, ask God. Always ask God. Anything and everything along the way, before you make major decisions rather it be in your marriage, relationship, in your career, ask God first. Because when you know when His blessing is on something, you know it will succeed exactly the way it’s supposed to. Even if things go awry for you, it’s exactly what it’s supposed to be becayse God has his hand on it. When he says “No”, you know that he said “No”. You can feel that in your spirit. You’re not confused. The confusion is really what we want to do and what we’re supposed to do are conflicting. But if you talk to God and you trust your spirit then you know which one it’s supposed to be.

Do you feel like you’ve made it ? If not, what does that look like in your future ?
LaMyia: That’s a tough question because I feel like our lives are a series of different journeys and you have a marker at each place. We’ve both accomploshed many things that we’ve wanted to do in our lives. The beautiful thing about having God in your life and being guided in that aspect, is that you go from victory to victory. So, have we made it ? Yeah. Because there’s so many things that we wanted to accomplish. Are we still making it ? Yes.
Meagan: I think it is a lifelong thing. I think yeah, we made it in a sense. Success is how you measure it. We’re happy and we have peace of mind, and we have joy in our hearts. So in that sense, yeah, absolutely we made it. But we’re continuing to make it because we got so much more of what want to do and what we’re going to do.

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